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International Academic Year

The Hamburg Conservatory offers postgraduate or refresher courses to musicians, music teachers and music students. The project is either intended for persons who want to prepare for an entrance examination at the Hamburg Conservatory or any other music academy. Furthermore musicians who already concluded their courses of study have the possibility to study music in Hamburg.

The Hamburg Conservatory was founded in 1908 and is one of the renowned music academies in Northern Germany. It consists of two parts, the music school with about 1700 pupils and the academy with about 250 young musicians from all over the world. Already in 1929 the academy’s professional training was awarded state recognition. Since then many famous artists and pedagogues have been teaching at the Hamburg Conservatory.

Many of our lecturers are at the same time teaching at the Hamburg College of Music and Theatre (HfM) or are members in one of Hamburg’s orchestras:

Symphony orchestra of North German Broadcast (NDR)
Philharmonic State Orchestra of the Hamburg State Opera (Phil)
Hamburg Symphonists (Sinf)

The following main subjects can be studied:

Piano, organ, harpsichord, harp, guitar, mandolin,
Flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion,
violin, violoncello, contrabass,
vocal, rhythmic and general music education
ancient music: instruments of the renaissance as well as of the baroque epoch.

At the end of the academic year the students receive a certificate.

The international academic year is managed by Mrs. Gundel Deckert.

Terms of admission

Please send us

- Graduation allowing to study at university or a university degree in music
- Curriculum vitae and three photos
- CD, DVD with three works (also single movements) dating from different epochs (total length of at least 15 minutes)

Beginning of studies and admission procedure

Final deadline is June 1st.
By that date the filled-in application forms as well as all other required documents have to be sent to Hamburg Conservatory.

Until June 15th at the latest we will inform you on the results of the admission procedure. If you are accepted please transfer the admission fee of 750.00 Euro until June 1st. After receipt of the payment we will send you a letter of acceptance.

Beginning of our course of the studies is October 1st.

Language course

At the beginning of September at the latest, an intensive language course has to be started at a certified institute (i. e. Goethe-Institut, Sprachinstitut Colon). It is recommended to attend the course for at least two months. The cost is about 400.00 Euro per month and has to be paid separately.

The yearly course fee includes the course called “Musical German for foreigners” at the Hamburg Conservatory. It is intended to improve the musical terminology and has to be attended by all foreign students at the Hamburg Conservatory.


We assist in finding accommodation in students hostels (starting from 250.00 Euro) or in private homes (from 350.00 – 500.00 Euro)

Health insurance

All students must have a health insurance. Our partner is Hanse-Merkur Insurance in Hamburg. It offers a complete package for students (health, accident and liability insurance). The insurance has to be contracted for one year in advance and costs 745.00 Euro.


Admission fee: 750.00 Euro

This fee is due on July 1st at the latest and is necessary to finance our extensive preparatory work.

Please note: In case of cancellation by the student later than July 1st the admission fee will not be refunded.

Course fees (yearly)

Tariff I Instrumentalists 38600.00 Euros

60 minutes in main subject (individualised teaching)
lesson in chamber music
regular participation in chamber music, choir and orchestra projects
seminar: musical German for foreigners
opportunity to internship at music school and academy

Tariff II Voice 4,100.00 Euros

60 minutes in main subject (individualised teaching)
30 minutes coaching (individualised teaching)
30 minutes speech training / phonetics
participation in seminars of the voice department
opportunity to internship at music school and academy

The fees included not only the classes but also administration and counselling. The students will receive an identity card granting reduced public admission fees for opera, concerts and museums as well as a reduced ticket for the Hamburg public transport system.

During their international academic year the students will be lead in a very personal way. They will attend the Christmas oratory at St. Michaelis Church, one of Hamburg’s landmarks. A sightseeing trip of Northern Germany and also joined concerts will be arranged.

The international academic year always ends with a final public concert. On this occasion the students will be presented with their certificates.

For further information please contact the academy’s office:

Hamburger Konservatorium
Sülldorfer Landstraße 196
22589 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 870 877 21